Thursday 26 September 2013

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Author: T.R. Graves
Pages: 330
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: September 1, 2013

Your own two feet are all you have when you've been left.

A naive Baylee loves Colt, her boyfriend of four years, more than she ever thought possible. After a little snooping, she's convinced she's well on her way toward hearing an once-in-a-lifetime proposal and starring in the wedding-of-the-year event. Instead, she's blindsided by a very public breakup and the crushing news that Colt is marrying someone else… someone more befitting him and the role his father expects him to take in his law firm.

Baylee may have spent years resenting Ariana, her mother, and her suicide, an intolerable show of weakness in Baylee's opinion, but after Colt leaves her just short of the altar, Baylee sees the world through her mother's eyes. She sympathizes with Ariana's actions and realizes that some things—soul-deep aches—can irreparably damage you and make moving on nearly impossible.

At least that's how she feels until she meets Ryker. With his help, Baylee discovers there is life after Colt, and she prepares to move on by pulling herself up by the bootstraps, holding her head high, and standing on her own two feet. Unfortunately, a new jealous and hateful Colt has his own plans for her, and they are plans no one—especially Baylee—ever saw coming.


Taking in what I just said, Ryker watches me, and suddenly it occurs to me how he's gotten so far in his company. He studies people by sizing them up, using their strengths to drive them further whenever possible and their weaknesses against them aas an option of last resort. 
Right now, he's doing what he does best. Only I'm not a worker in his company. I'm a woman who needs answers.
 "What're your thoughts about me, Ryker?" I ask casually, curiously. I'm still strolling around the apartment, making mental notes without actually touching anything.

"Excuse me," Ryker says, and I can tell I've caught him off guard.
"Well, I have to assume that you're very good at what you do. I mean, look at this hotel room. You've been studying me non-stop for a while now. I'm assuming you've come to some conclusions. Maybe if I hear them aloud, I can make the necessary changes so I'm not ever put into this position again. I mean - Jesus - I was just left downstairs so there has to be something about me that must be changed," I say sensibly.
Now matter how level-headed my request is, the self-conscious and hurt woman inside of me cringes and waits for the news that men don't want women who are too tall, too gaunt, too clumsy, too... Oh hell! The list could go on forever. 
 Ryker says nothing. I suspect he's too much of a gentleman to tell me what he thinks.
"Go ahead. I can take whatever you have to say," I say, squaring my shoulders and preparing myself.

Even then, I can't make eye contact with him. I've been hurt enough for one day. No matter what I say, hearing anything negative about myself right now - now even if it's constructive - will be another kick to the stomach.

I must be a sadist. I'm begging for this stranger to share his opinion about me because I know there are things I don't see. I'm close to see them. Colt saw them all and decided they were terrible enough to get rid of.


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About the Author:

T. R. Graves, the author of The Warrior Series and The Secrets Series and The Underwater Series, is a 2012 NaNoWriMo Winner. 

She lives along the Texas coast with her husband. Together, they raise T. R.'s beta reading daughter and their football-loving son. Besides being blessed with a supportive family, she counts her career as a registered nurse in not-for-profit hospitals high on her list of fulfilling accomplishments.